Social Events

Gala Dinner on 12 September 2019

Join the Galla Dinner, which will be held in Jacobsen Brewhouse & Bar, located in the buildings where Carsberg’s founder started his quest for the perfect brew in 1847. The Galla Dinner is a great opportunity to network and socialise with colleagues and friends. You will be served a welcome drink and a delicious three-course menu while enjoying live music and later in the evening you can conquer the dance floor. 

The venue is wheelchair friendly. There is a handicap toilet, a large elevator with space for 6 wheelchairs taking you from the ground floor to the Jacobsen Brewhouse & Bar and the dinner is being held on one floor. The only remark is that the old brewery has cobblestones at the entrance, thus it might take a minute longer to get to the elevator. 

The ticket for the Gala Dinner can be purchased through the online registration and includes a three-course menu and two drinks.  

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