Preliminary Programme

Main themes Pain, Spasticity, and Crisis management
  • Keynote by Nanna Brix Finnerup, Professor, MD: Pain management, cannabinoids
  • Leo Thomsen, Former medical practitioner, C5-tetraplegia: Pain, spasms and medical cannabis – A user’s experience and point of view
  • Bo Biering-Sørensen, Chief physician, leader of Nordic and European Spasticity courses: Spasticity management
  • Anders Korsgaard, Chief psychologist, and Naja Bøje Casupei, clinical psychologist: Crisis management 


Main themes Bowel and Bladder management 
  • Keynote by Klaus Krogh, Professor, MD: Bowel management
  • Marlene Elmelund, MD: Urinary incontinence 


Main themes Sexual health and Fertility, and New technologies 
  • Keynote by Jens Sønksen, Professor, MD: Sexual health and fertility after spinal cord injury
  • Carsten Bach Baunsgaard, MD: Exoskeletons

Session on neurostimulation/neuromodulation after spinal cord injury

  • Fin Biering-Sørensen, Professor, MD: International SCI Data Sets in clinical practice and research

In addition, workshops for nurses, physio- and occupational therapists, and consumers will be organized.

The industry is also expected to contribute with interesting workshops on the latest developments in the field.